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Coaching children is a very rewarding experience. And coaching your own child's team can be one of the most rewarding experiences of all! Coaches are pivotal to having children get the AYSO experience. If our regions does not have enough coaches, registration is scaled back, and kids who want to play in AYSO are turned away.

Do you have little or no experience with soccer? No problem! AYSO will teach you based on the age level you are coaching. Unique age-appropriate coach training is one of AYSO's specialties. If you plan to be at your child's soccer practices and games, you'll also have time to be your child's coach.

To become an AYSO coach, you must be certified in the age level you are coaching. Certification takes three easy steps. First, fill out a volunteer form. Then either attend a short Safe HavenTM course in person or online. Lastly, you must attend a brief age-specific coaching course. It's only a few hours.

Coaches are essential to the game. They teach children soccer skills and help develop a healthy, positive attitude, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Coaching is a rewarding experience because you have the opportunity to build a child's self-esteem, help them learn new skills and just have a lot of fun.

We hope that you will seriously consider participating and assist our region by volunteering to be a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach. For more information, talk to our Coach Administrator or your Division Coordinator (contact page).

Area 1F Coaching Requirements

  1. Volunteer Application. In order to afford maximum protection under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 and applicable Good Samaritan statutes, it is required that all coaches and assistant coaches must complete, sign and submit a Volunteer Application. A new Volunteer Application must be completed for each year that the volunteer agrees to act as a coach or assistant coach.
    • Volunteer applications are completed online at our website, login with your account or register.
  2. Safe Haven Certification. It is required that all coaches and assistant coaches must complete Safe Haven certification prior to coaching. Safe Haven certification must be completed one time by the volunteer and is acceptable for all subsequent years.
    • To complete your Safe Haven Certification, please go to You will need your AYSO ID to enroll for an online class. If you need your AYSO ID number, please contact Vicky Cathcart at: [email protected].
  3. Training. It is highly recommended that each coach and assistant coach should be trained at the appropriate age level. U-6 coaches should complete the U-6 course, U-8 coaches should complete the U-8 course, U-10 coaches should complete the U-10 course, U-12 coaches should complete the U-12 course, U-14 coaches should complete the Intermediate Coach course and U-16 coaches should complete the Advanced Coach course.
    • For local coaching certification classes, please check the calendar for details.
  4. Training Prerequisites. There is no prerequisite training required in order to take the U-6, U-8, U-10 or U-12 courses. It is recommended that coaches taking these courses have previously completed the prior course but it is not required. In order to take the Intermediate Coach class, completion of the U-12 coach course is required. In order to take the Advanced Coach course, completion of the Intermediate Coaching course is required.
  5. On Line Training. AYSO offers limited online training courses for coaches. Coaches desiring U-8 coach certification can complete that course and obtain their certification on line. Coaches desiring U-10 coach certification can take an online course to learn the basics and then must attend a field session in order to complete certification. Coaches can take Safe Haven training and receive course certification on line. All online training is available at Access to these courses is limited to currently registered volunteers and an AYSO Volunteer ID number is required to access the course curriculum.
    • If you need your AYSO ID # to enroll for an online class, please contact Vicky Cathcart at: [email protected]
  6. Support AYSO Philosophies. All AYSO coaches and assistant coaches must support the core AYSO philosophies including Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching and Good Sportsmanship.
  7. Secondary Play. Beginning August 1, 2007 all AYSO coaches (head and assistant) who are given permission to coach AYSO teams in secondary program intersectional AYSO tournaments or non-AYSO tournaments, international competitions or the AYSO National Games must be trained at the age/skill level of the team that they enter and coach: U-12 for both U-10 and U-12 Coaches; Intermediate Coach for U-14 coaches; and Advanced Coach for U-16 coaches. Training Proficiency tests are also being developed and the protocol under which candidates may take the test will be in place and available for use in August.


Coaching Resources

AYSO Section 1 Area F

AYSO Recommended Training Sessions per Division

TO: Area F Regional Commissioners, Area F Regional Coach Administrators, All coaches in Area F:

Per the AYSO National Guidelines, the following divisions have the recommended training sessions:

U6 - One hour per week, which is to include the game. However, one 60 minute training session is allowable in addition to the game.

U8 - One 60 minute training session per week plus one game per week.

U10 - Two 60 minute training sessions or one 90 minute training session per week plus one game per week.

U12 - Two 60 minute training sessions or one 90 minute training session per week per week plus one game per week.

U14 and up - Two 90 minute training sessions per week plus one game per week.

FROM: Ed Mannes, Area 1F Coach Administrator

Coach Cross Certification from USSF to AYSO

At the present time the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) does not have a reciprocity equivalence agreement with any other soccer organization including the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) or the English Football Association. However, AYSO believes it is an important issue that must be explored. Therefore, AYSO has created a reciprocity equivalence agreement for all coaches who hold a valid coaching license issued by US Soccer and will explore options regarding other soccer organizations.

AYSO and US Soccer both conduct coaching courses and issue coaching licenses to candidates who successfully complete a coaching course. The United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) also issues coaching licenses; however, the licenses issued by them are only sanctioned by U.S. Soccer since the courses are conducted by individual state associations such as California South or Utah Youth Soccer Association. AYSO has reviewed the entire U.S. Soccer coaching program curriculum and has established the following procedure for reciprocity equivalence.

In order to be eligible for reciprocity, all coaches must:

  1. Become a registered AYSO volunteer.
  2. Be Safe Haven Certified.
  3. Produce a copy of the U.S. Soccer license awarded.
  4. Produce an up-to-date coaching resume that will be reviewed by the AYSO National Coach.
  5. Be recommended by the regional commissioner and the Regional Coach Administrator of the region in which they will be coaching.
  6. Not be on any suspended coaching list for any reason.
  7. Understand that if they desire to become an AYSO Coach Instructor they must fulfill all instructor requirements (see AYSO instructor matrix).

All applicants for reciprocity holding a USSF license that have met the above seven requirements will transfer at the following AYSO coach level:

"A" "B" "C" or "D" licensed coaches will be documented as an AYSO Advanced coach - eligible to participate in an AYSO National Coaching Course.

"E" licensed coaches will be documented as an AYSO Intermediate coach - eligible to participate in an AYSO Advanced Coaching Course.

YM 1 or YM 3 (formerly "F" license) coaches will be documented as an AYSO U-12, U-10, U-8 and U-6 coach - eligible to participate in an AYSO Intermediate Coaching Course.

There is no reciprocity equivalency at the AYSO National Coach level. Any coach, regardless of what level license they hold, shall be required to attend and pass the AYSO National Coaching Course in order to attain an AYSO National Coach Certificate.

Policy on Player Identification on Clothing

AYSO's national office announced that names of players are not permitted on any AYSO uniform of any article of clothing worn by the player (for example, sweatshirts or jackets) that is affiliated with the team.

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